Let's share 1,900 photos to support the 1,900 children waiting for a transplant. 

Credit: Laurie Crane Photography

What: An Instagram campaign to bring awareness to pediatric organ donation.

Why: We ALL donate life on a daily basis through our own talents, inspirations, and motivations. Thinking about death is hard. Thinking about it for our children is painful. I get that. I want us to celebrate what we can do today – how we share our lives through our talents to spread happiness, joy, and good deeds.

My daughter Matilda received a life saving liver transplant at 6 weeks old. Her donor liver came from a two week old who had passed away and the mother – in what I imagine to be the worst moment of her life – chose to donate the gift of life. Hopefully none of us will ever be in that position, but thinking about it ahead of time could make all the difference. Join me to make waves, to bring hope to others, and to celebrate life.

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How: Throughout the month of April, use the hashtag #HowIDonateLife in support of pediatric organ donation. Tag or mention me (@cloudydaygray), so that people can link back to this page through my profile and learn how they can get involved.

There are 1,900 children – just like Matilda – in the United States awaiting life saving transplants and I believe that those children have a better chance at surviving if we can all take a simple moment to think about pediatric organ donation. 

This might mean deciding how you feel about donating organs, thinking about someone like Matilda whose life was saved through organ donation, or learning more at www.donatelife.com.

With more than 100 bloggers, parents, and influencers like you committed and willing to participate, our reach could be substantial. Help us collect 1,900 photos in support of each child on the waiting list and bring hope into their lives! 

Learn more about how organ transplantation works:

Donate Life Month (April 2015).

The following are not actual examples, just suggestions based on pictures from some of my friends. These examples will be replaced with actual entries once the campaign starts in April. Other examples could include: donating clothing or toys, volunteering, donating blood, speaking at events, teaching, hospital craft packs, etc.

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