diy st. patrick's day hair clips

So, here is the thing. Just because everyone wears green on St. Patrick's Day doesn't mean that you can't think outside the box when it comes to accessorizing - this coming from the girl who is 100% Irish and has a self-proclaimed love of all things green.

Here is how you can turn some ugly $2 barrettes into something clever, cute, and seasonal.

Supplies: metal barrettes, acrylic paint + small brush, vinyl, the Cricut Explore, transfer tape, and mod podge

Process: Paint those ugly barrettes and let them dry. Next, go into Design Space and type in any phrase you want. I used "kiss me" and "lucky" in this font and "I'm Irish", "green", and "rainbow" in this font. Size them appropriately for your barrettes - mine ended up being 1/4" tall. Then press GO and let the Cricut do all the cutting. Use transfer tape to move your words onto each barrette and seal with mod podge for long lasting-ness.

Time: 30 minutes tops. I did it yesterday morning while the kids ate breakfast because I had nothing ready to post for today.

* I used the original packaging for the barrettes as a stencil and cut out a cool looking version from a folder for the "packaging effect". This would make a really cute gift!

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