tilda's tooth update

As I mentioned last week, we were finally able to get the kids into a pediatric dentist. We were so worried about the awful shape that Matilda's teeth have been in from the moment they started popping up. But you guys, they are not as bad as they look!

For one thing, they are hard and have solid enamel. A few are chipped but he said it looks like it's from grinding rather that weakness. And, he was hopeful that her permanent teeth will come in just fine - maybe even white!

Since Matilda knows how to cooperate and sit still for almost any medical procedure, we were able to get really clear x-rays of her teeth. And guess what? That tooth that fell out a year ago is (mostly) still in there - I knew it! When I took her to the ER that night, I was certain that it just chipped off at the surface because there was no blood and the tooth itself was so tiny. They looked and felt and sent us home saying she was just fine.

Now, we all know Matilda is tough, but I cannot imagine the pain and discomfort that she has experienced while her tooth was healing under the surface. At this point, they said that if it is not painful or bothering her anymore that we should just leave it and let it come out naturally. Otherwise, it will be a hold down and pull out kind of situation that none of us really want to have to do. So, we will keep an eye out for pain indicators and check back with another appointment in three months.

All in all, the appointment when so well and we feel confident and reassured that her teeth will eventually be just fine!

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