bilirubin teeth

Let's talk about Matilda's teeth. Her yellow, damaged, chipped teeth. When they first started coming in Tyler and I were brushing them like crazy, trying to scrub off the yellow. But, we knew something was wrong when tooth after tooth came in more yellow than the last. It turns out that we can blame it all on her very high bilirubin levels while she was sick with acute liver failure.

You guys, the liver is in charge of so much. And maintaining a normal bilirubin level is one of them. When the bilirubin numbers creep up, the skin or eyes of a person turn yellow - or almost brown in Matilda's case. So when Matilda's teeth were being developed her body was unable to provide her teeth with what it needed to become solid, white, and healthy. And the result is what we see now.

Teeth are just teeth, but they also play a huge role in identity and self esteem. And that is what worries me most about her dental hygiene. She has enough to worry about, teeth should not be one of them. At the end of the month she is finally going to get to see a pediatric dentist. Hopefully they have good advice and a reasonable management plan to move forward with. Either way, I will keep you updated.

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