moving on

For two and a half years a stack of newborn diapers sat quietly on the shelf of my nightstand. Partly because when we returned home I didn't want to look at or think about all those tiny things that Matilda never got to use and partly because I just didn't know what to do with them. Until the other day, that is.

Matilda has a way of guiding my actions in the kindest way. She was innocently trying to put one of her diapers onto her baby doll*, when I remembered those tiny diapers still stacked neatly by my bed. So I ran upstairs, brought them down, and handed them over to the smiliest face I have ever known. They were Matilda's diapers after all, and now she finally gets to use them.

She played so joyfully, changing her doll's diaper and giggling with glee. Then she stopped and brought one over to me saying "tiny baby, tiny diaper." So I put her on my lap and told her the story of my tiny baby with the tiny diapers and her mighty strength that changed the world right before my eyes.

Since then, I have been able to move on with a lot of Matilda's baby things. I donated a good amount of her tiny baby things and feel a sense of refreshment and relief knowing that someone else can put those things to use.

They are only things after all and I get to keep the best gift of all.

*The doll was mine growing up and watching Matilda play with her always brings a smile to my face - even when she messes up the hair and takes off all her clothes.

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