alt winter 2015

Oh man, you guys, please just indulge me for a moment. I had the best time at Alt (a conference for bloggers). I work for Alt so I had some running around to do, but it was all fun and all so worth the extra effort.

In fact, I had forgotten that I really am good at working with people, at managing, and problem solving. I bounced so far back into it that, at one point, I spouted off the phone number to the learning center I worked at for 7 years. Ha!

I talked with some really great brands, met with some really amazing bloggers, and heard some really fantastic talks that left me feeling confident in the dream department. Confident in life really.

I have never been to another blogging conference, but this one really does feel like a three day hug!

Photos were taken by Justin Hackworth, Brooke Dennis, and Beck Hansen for Alt Summit. If you want to, you can look through all of them on the Alt OneDrive.

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