airplane valentines

Parker has been asking me to make him paper airplanes constantly, and Matilda has been asking me for paper to color constantly. Yesterday while multitasking like any parent does, I accidentally grabbed a sheet of paper I had printed off for Matilda to color and folded it into an airplane for Parker. And then BAM, it hit me. These would make really cute Valentine's Day cards. First, you play and then you color!
This is such a simple Valentine that most kids will enjoy, here is how you can make your own.

Materials: computer paper, printer or Cricut Explore (or a pen if you have skills like that) - crayons and candy are optional.

Process: I opened up Design Space on my computer, searched Valentine's Day and had the Cricut Explore draw some pictures for me. You can do this by selecting the draw function on most images instead of the cut function. If you don't have a Cricut Explore, you could simply print off some Valentine's Day themed pictures, rip some out of a coloring book, or draw something by hand.

Next, you need to fold your airplane. This site has instructions for tons of different designs. We went with a basic dart design (it flies great).

Time: I made 21 of these for Parker's Pre-K class and it took me 30 minutes. I plan on handing them out with a couple crayons each instead of candy. But you can do whatever you want!

I hope your kids love these as much as mine do!

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