business cards by hairpin letterpress

Alt starts tomorrow and I could not be more excited to show you my new business cards! I loved my cards from last year. They were cute, reflected my brand, and came with a donate life pin. But this year I wanted to go letterpress. There is just something about the way a letterpress card feels that I can't get enough of.

And let me tell you, Miranda of Hairpin Letterpress is my fave.

I met her last year at a pre-Alt dinner and I have been admiring her work ever since. In fact, she created these beautiful donate life cards in conjunction with the Liver Walk we participated in last June.

Have I mentioned that Miranda is fast, willing to brainstorm ideas, and checks in regularly throughout her process? Top notch I tell you. She is a winner!

And good news for you, she has just stocked her shop with adorable, funny, and unique Valentine's Day cards. And, wouldn't this make a cute addition to any kids room? I think so!

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