flowers for mom

It started when Parker was rummaging through my office - probably looking for candy - when he came across a mason jar lid with slits for arranging flowers. I walked in, a little annoyed because he was standing with one foot on a notebook and the other on a book, but mostly because my office is a mess and that frustrates me. I snatched the lid out of his hand and shooed him out with a huff of air letting him know I was annoyed and a sharp, "it is for flowers".

I always regret letting my frustrations seep over into frustrations with the little ones.

Once we were safe from the heap of crazy that lives behind my office door, we sat down and snuggled for a bit while I explained how the lid helps hold flowers up so that they can be arranged nicely, how I found it at the dollar bin last time I was in Target, and how I want to learn more about flower arranging. Parker listened and asked questions along the way. Then he got bored and moved on to something much more interesting like legos.

A few days later on the way home from school, Parker insisted that he and Tyler stop by the flower shop. He insisted on picking me out the most beautiful flowers available (at the small grocery store). He proudly rang the doorbell and, when I answered, he beamed as he handed the bunch over to me and said, "I brought you flowers, Mom! I love you!"

What started with unnecessary frustration ended in complete and unexpected joy and happiness. He didn't have to forgive my annoyance. He didn't have to see past my huff and snide remark. And he certainly didn't have to buy me flowers. But he did.

He listened, he remembered, and he wanted to make me smile.

This sweet boy of mine, he is wise beyond his years and fills me with life lessons on a daily basis. To love someone is to want to make them happy even when you are not, to gift someone something without expecting anything in return, to forgive and move forward without a second thought.

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