passport photo

It all started with a passport photo.

Tyler has a conference coming up in Montreal and thought it would be fun to bring us along. So, we needed to get Matilda a passport. It seemed just as easy for me to take the photo at home, so I set her up in the area I photograph most of my projects and snapped a few photos. A few days after that, I was finishing up a photo shoot as Matilda woke up from nap and she requested to have another photo taken. So up she went for a few snaps and a chocolate for sitting still. Now almost every time she sees my set up, the request is made.

And, I have to say, these are some of the sweetest pictures I have of Matilda. They capture the feel of our day, instead of the activity of our day. They capture a quiet moment, crazy nap hair, and the excitement of a treat.

In reality, it is just a quick up and down - just long enough to take a photo or two - but to me these photos will always be something so much more. Sometimes they show up in a post or two, but mostly they live on Instagram.

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