st. patrick's day round up

Hey, hey! We are in NYC right now enjoying some family time disguised as doctor appointments with the transplant team. But, I wanted to stop in and give an early Happy St. Patrick's Day! I also thought I would remind you of some fun projects that I did last year, mixed in with some cute projects from friends this year!

First up - this clover wall I put together for You Are My Fave is still one of my favorite projects and it makes me smile everyday as I pass through the hallway.

My friends over at Handmade Mood made a free printable for you to give to all your lucky ones!

Don't forget this adorable shirt that I made Parker last year. He still wears it regularly and is planing on wearing it tomorrow. Unfortunately, both kids have already stained their Roy G. Biv shirts.

Kersey of And We Play made the cutest rainbow poster that you can print out and let your kids color!

And, MJ of Pars Caeli made the cutest Leprechaun treasure box for Classic Play.

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