bunny easter basket

Decorating your own Easter basket, or bucket in this case, is a fun, easy, and inexpensive way to incorporate your personal style into the holiday season. Plus, after my Halloween buckets were such a hit, how could I not do it again?! Here is how you can make your own.

Supplies: small galvanized bucket, spray paint, white vinyl, and the Cricut Explore or an x-acto knife.

Process: First, spray paint the bucket a fun color. While it is drying, hop on over to Cricut Design Space and search for a simple bunny silhouette, size it to 2" tall, and make 12 copies. Then, press go and let the Explore do all the hard work. If you are using an x-acto knife, just create a document with your bunnies and print it on the back of a sheet of vinyl (make sure to mirror your bunnies since you are cutting them from the backside). Once the cutting is done, use the bottom rib on the bucket as a guide and place the bunnies around. If you want to make it last forever, seal it with either mod podge or a clear spray paint.

Time: Spray painting took five minutes, chasing my bucket down the street after the wind blew it away took 15 minutes, and cutting out/placing the bunnies took 15 minutes. So, I would say that this project takes less than an hour to complete.

Enjoy! I have two more bucket options coming later this week - so stay tuned!

What a fun, easy, and inexpensive Easter basket made with the cricut! What a fun, easy, and inexpensive Easter bucket made with the Cricut Explore!

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