weekend surprises

A few things happened over the weekend that made me feel like everything will be all right, and that felt good. I am going to list them in no particular order:

  • My uncle called. He read my last post, and called to talk about what might be going on with Matilda because he too is a transplant survivor. I don't think I have talked with him that long in all our conversations combined throughout my entire life. And it felt good. Just because we hadn't doesn't mean we shouldn't. We shared our frustrations and it felt nice to know that what I go through and feel is a real struggle shared by many.
  • Someone from the hospital who loves Matilda wrote me a few emails to calm my worries and go over a few facts. None of the facts changed, but the outlook seemed so much brighter.
  • I got a call from a good friend, a mentor even. And she spoke honestly about her concerns for my mental health, shared openly her own experiences, and gave me permission to recognize my depression. I kept convincing myself that I couldn't be upset now because I had made it this far through much more difficult circumstances. How could I need help now, when I didn't need help before? But I did have help and support in the hospital with Matilda, we were surrounded by people all the time. But this winter, here, has felt so isolated and that is hard. This is how I feel now, and it is okay if I need to seek help.
  • I got an email from a reader who has an adorable little boy a year younger than Matilda, who also survived a liver transplant before the two month mark. She shared with me what they had experienced with EBV and the outcome has been just fine. Again, I was reminded that I am not alone.
  • On Saturday, I made and photographed five different projects. That is a lot in one day, and even though I have editing and writing to go with those projects, it felt really good to just make and produce (without the computer) all day long.
  • A local friend contacted a photographer in the area and set up a family photo shoot for us. So we trekked out into the snow and spent a half hour capturing this moment in time and celebrating family. I haven't seen the pictures yet, but I already feel so spoiled and lucky to have experienced it.
  • And, then, a really cool person invited me to a really cool event!

Things will be okay. Because all of you will make things okay for me. I am not telling this to all of you to brag or mask my previous post with good thoughts, but instead to encourage kindness. Next time that friend sounds a little off, or worried, or upset. Give them a call, write them an email, or offer something in kindness. It really does make a big difference.

Life is difficult but, at least, we have each other.

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