how i donate life

Over the past four months, I have been planning and scheming a way to get more people involved in celebrating the gift of life during April - National Donate Life Month.

We all donate our lives on a regular basis - or, I like to think we all do. Some donations are larger than life like the gift given to Matilda by a two-week-old angel when his parents said yes to donating his liver. Other donations are small but powerful like taking the time to read to kids, offering gently used toys and clothing to a shelter, or buying someone a coffee to brighten their day.

This month I plan on making waves through the world of pediatric organ donation by bringing hope to the 1,900 kids who are waiting for a transplant. Hop on over to my campaign page and read how you can get involved by simply celebrating the gifts, talents, and joy that you donate to your community on a regular basis.

Let's bring hope. Let's bring awareness. Let's bring joy to those around us!

Photos by Laurie Crane Photography

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