the perfect play date

If you follow me on Instagram, then you heard that a stomach bug hit our house last week and kept us cooped up and miserable for five long days. But the thing about sick kids is that they still want to play, explore, and do fun things.

That was when Avery & Austin saved the day. I was exhausted and had run out of ideas when this delightful box arrived on my doorstep, filled with all the components for a perfect play date. When I had ordered it the plan was to treat Parker to a special play date with a good friend, but I was desperate and a "sick day box" seemed just as important at the time.

The April theme is Rock Your Garden and came with smooth rocks, paint, paintbrushes, googly eyes, mini starter pots, seeds, and dirt, of course! It was just the laid back activity we needed to fill a quiet afternoon. Not to mention, it came with applesauce snacks for the kids and a rejuvenating mud mask and lip balm for me!

Avery & Austin thought of it all and the timing was perfect! They sent me this box to review, with a coupon code (CLOUDYDAYGRAY15OFF) for all of you to get $15 off when you purchase a single box at $39 or a monthly subscription at $29 a box for six months. And considering I would have spent at least $50 on all the supplies included, I think it is a fair deal.

What a convenient little trick to pull out of the closet on a rainy day, sick day, or friend day. Hey, I even think it would be perfect for Mother's Day!

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