lemonade out of lemons

We have been dealt our fair share of lemons over this last month.

You see, I started this blog because I didn't want to forget everything I had learned during our 72 day stay in the hospital with Matilda and the months at the RMH after that.

We didn't have anything and, in return, we learned that we had everything.

That feeling and realization has slowly been slipping away. That sense of entitlement has been returning. After all, I have been through a lot in the last few years - eventually things will start to become easier. But the truth is, that's not how it works. Maybe my life is meant to be an uphill climb the entire time. So, maybe I just need to be reminded to enjoy the climb.

I have been sitting here, in this house that I hate for two and a half years (we moved here the week before Matilda was born). I have been sitting and waiting for someone or some opportunity to take me away from here.

But, sitting on the side of the mountain doesn't improve the situation. It doesn't solve anything.

So when our landlord called last week to tell me we need to move out by May 31st, I honestly laughed. I told her that that would be fine, and that it could be a good opportunity for us to move, too. In reality, it is the last thing we needed to hear right now because it brings more worry, more uncertainty, and more unrest. Yet, it's funny how all the other lemons made me feel like my world was ending and this lemon just makes me want to drink some lemonade.

We don't have a plan, we don't have the answers, but we do know that we are no longer afraid, because this time we are ready for the climb.

P.S. This beautiful coin purse came at just the right time and serves as such a beautiful reminder. Thank you Well-Loved!

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