the boy turns five

Parker Patrick turned 5 years old last week. The number seems so old, but he is just the same. He was born a 5 year old - always much wiser than his age, always one step ahead, always a part of our family. He never seemed like a baby, just like now he doesn't seem to be five.

But sometimes I look at him and he seems so small, his little voice squeaking like the tiniest mouse when he is excited about a story to share. Or, when he runs in circles and falls to the floor in laughter. Or, when he squeezes into the littlest space in-between Tyler and I on the couch.

And in those moments, I scoop him up and rock him just like I did when he was first born. I pretend, and he roles his eyes to remind me that he is really five.

Five is such a big milestone. So, we decided to celebrate with a "hi five" party inspired by this print drawn by my friend Merrilee of Mer Mag. In all honestly, I have been working on this idea ever since she posted it because not only is the print absolutely adorable, it is clever and speaks beyond its simplicity.

Why not say hello to a new chapter, while greeting it with a high five as well?! There is nothing better to a 5 year old than a classic high five. So over the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing the details of his party and spilling all my secrets so that you can throw one for your 5 year old, too! In the meantime go check out Mer Mag and her shop Tuesday Morning.

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