earth day with polarn o. pyret

Happy Earth Day!

Parker is at such a fun age for asking questions and diving with curiosity into world topics. One of my favorite aspects about teaching was letting kids explore ideas and test out critical thinking skills.

Since we have learned that we need to move, we have been getting rid of as many unnecessary things as possible. I love to purge and have always used it as a good way to relieve stress. But kids can have a hard time letting things go. Parker in particular has been asking where things go and I thought Earth Day was a great way to explore the topic a bit more.

That and Polarn O. Pyret introduced me to a new program of their's called ThredUp. They send you a prepaid shipping bag, you fill it with gently used clothes, and they give you store credit or donate the proceeds.

When the bag came, Parker was excited to fill it up, and then I took it to the backyard, tossed it, and walked away. Both kids were so curious as to what I was doing and began asking questions immediately. Why would you leave it there, are we going to keep our clothes in the yard forever, what if we want to play and we trip on the bag? All very good and valid questions. We went back inside and read a couple books about garbage dumps, talked about landfills, and waste. About where things go when we throw them away, and what happens to the earth when we don't take care of it.

Parker picked up on what I did, "If we put all our trash in the yard, it would be a mess, it wouldn't be fun anymore." We talked about being careful with what we buy and what we don't use, that just because we don't see landfills doesn't mean that they don't exist.

Then I showed Parker the ThredUp program with Polarn O. Pyret and he liked being able to see where the used clothing went, and how other people can buy it. We also talked about different options for making donations and how giving toys, furniture, and baby items away to friends or others in need is also a very good thing.

This is a sponsored post by Polarn O. Pyret. But all opinions and shenanigans are simply brought to you from us.

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