hi five cookies

Okay, let's talk about the cookies I made for Parker's 5th birthday! Really, let's talk about the best $30 I have ever spent on an online class (to learn how to make those beautiful cookies)! I have never once in my life made cookies that looked and tasted so beautiful and delicious.

Alison's Cookie Party breaks it down like nobody's business, which makes it feel so easy and simple that anyone can produce adorable cookies in this style. I followed all of her instructions for baking and frosting the cookies, and even added the text based on a cute little Instagram post she did around Valentine's Day. So, although I would like to take credit for the genius behind these cookies, I am even more happy to pass that credit along to Alison.

Best of all, you can take the class as well! All the information you need is right here in this link.

P.S. I got the hand cookie cutters from Amazon. Here is the link.

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