clover wall diy

I used to daydream about buying a house, so that I could paint, decorate, and make a place all my own. But now, I have grown past that. Maybe Matilda changed my perspective on what having a home really means. Maybe I have become comfortable living in the present. Or maybe, living in this rental, makes me realize how much work actually goes into fixing a place up.

When we first moved in, each wall was convered in ancient, yellowed, and disgusting wallpaper. We have been slowly painting over it (it can't be easily removed because it is attached to cracking plaster). All of a sudden, my dream was to live in a world of white. Until I got my Cricut Explore.

I kept remembering this picture that Mel sent of a clover wall that screamed my name. So I got to cutting and the results have become my favorite project yet. Check out the full tutorial over on YAMF.

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