school treats

Kids are funny. They hold on to consistency like it is fact. And cupcakes at school on your birthday are consistently a fact. I tried to talk Parker into rice crispy treats or puppy chow (muddy buddies). But he insisted that everyone has brought cupcakes and that is what he wanted too. So here you go, Here are the cupcakes we brought.

Materials: cupcakes, frosting, toothpicks, bike cut outs, and glue.

Process: I used my Cricut Explore to cut out the bikes. Once they were cut, I placed a tooth pick in between two bikes, and used glue to tack them in place. After frosting each cupcake, I inserted the toothpick, for added decoration.

Time: With the Cricut Explore, cutting was a breeze - the total time for this project was 1 hour including baking and frosting the cupcakes.

p.s. I have to admit, I was quite excited to make and bring a treat for Parker's school birthday. Having a summer birthday, I always wished I could celebrate at school with my friends. Isn't that funny? I wanted to go to school on my birthday. Ha! Kids are the best.

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