old chair - new chair

A friend of mine gave me this old mini rocker about a year ago and I have been so excited to give it a makeover ever since. The only thing holding me back was the work involved - stripping, sanding, repairing, etc. That is, until I found this One Step Paint.

It is a thick paint that covers over any existing stain, paint, damage, or whatever else. It smelled a little bit like minerals, while the paint was being applied. I got the 8oz jar because I was curious and wanted to test it out before doing anything bigger. I was finished with the chair in two coats and there was still a little left in the jar. The paint itself is a little softer than usual which makes it perfect for Matilda's room. I like that I don't need to worry about slivers or rough spots.

This was such a fun and easy project that I am excited to find more things to paint!

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