motivational swimmer

We spent the day today at the most lovely beach. It reminded me of my childhood, swimming in Montana at our family cabin. The sound of the waves collapsing onto the beach. The smell of lake water. The feeling of squishy sand under the water. It was the perfect escape.

When I am out with Matilda, I tend to say her name often. She is the kind of adventure seeking child that needs guidance and when I say her name, she is supposed to stop and check back in with me. We tend to get lots of comments from nearby people about how lovely her name is, how it was their grandmother's name, or how full of life Matilda is.

On this day, someone walked up to us and asked if my little girl was THE Matilda from the @liveonnewyork campaign. I explained that she was indeed and, soon after, she brought over her mother who had received a life-saving liver transplant herself only a few months ago.

With kids running around laughing and enjoying their day, I stood, listening to her share her experience, her hope, and her tears. She thanked me for all the work I have done to bring awareness to organ donation, for the hope I have brought to those waiting, and for the joy that Matilda spreads each day.

But the truth is, I am just here for the ride. Matilda is my inspiration and my faith carries me as I say yes to opportunities that make a difference.

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