high tops and tights

Remember these adorable rainbow high tops that I made for Matilda last February?! They were Matilda's favorite shoes for the longest time, until she grew out of them. Speaking of growing, I feel like Matilda has grown so much this year. Her legs are getting long, her hair is getting long, and her tall tales are getting even longer!

I had a few people ask about where the tights were from, so I thought I would pull some old photos for a little tutorial on how I made them.

It really is a fun way to spruce up some plain tights. First, I watered down some acrylic paint, dipped a thick brush into the paint mixture, and then splattered over the tights. I was going to do a full rainbow of colors, but loved the results after the pink and decided to stop there. To seal the paint on to the tights, I popped them in the dryer for a about 10 minutes.

This would be a fun project to do at a birthday party with t-shirts, hats, tights, or whatever else!

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