rejoice and remember

We all have cloudy days, but I believe it is what we do with those cloudy days that defines who we are. My daughter Matilda is here because of the same selfless choice that your loved ones made. A choice they made, not for themselves, but for Matilda.

Thank you.

Thank you for allowing me to watch my daughter grow. She was 9 days old when she was put on life support. Her liver was failing and her only chance was a transplant. A transplant she got at six weeks old. And look at her now.

She is so full of life, she loves to ride her bike, has more energy than the rest of us combined, and goes to preschool just like any other kid.

There isn't a day that goes by without me thinking of her donor, of his family, of the loss they experienced, which has grown into this beautiful love.

I was fortunate enough to speak those words while standing, with a sleeping Matilda in my arms, in front of a sea of organ donors (their families) and organ recipients at the Rejoice and Remember ceremony at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City.

Nothing can express the amount of love and gratitude that filled every ounce of the grand church. There were tears, hugs, smiles, and even laughter. There was a rabbi, a priest, and everyone in between - all who have been impacted by organ donation. All speaking in thanks and appreciation for those who donated a piece of themselves, so that others could live.

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