A Day with Cuomo

A couple weeks ago, Matilda was invited to be in a Public Service Announcement with Governor Cuomo and a few other transplant kids. Every state has a different organ donation registration process, and we are thrilled that New York has updated to user friendly online system!

We had so much fun shooting with the Governor. He was smitten with Matilda and kept on singing to her. Every single time I peeked in on them, he was smiling from ear to ear. Having the opportunity to share in the joy of organ donation is always a beautiful thing. But watching all of the children participating in this PSA laugh, play, and be the kids they were born to be - all together in one room - was absolutely breathtaking. This group of young warriors are the future of organ donation!

I have three favors to ask of you:
   1. Start a conversation about organ donation.
   2. Share Matilda's story so that your friends and family can recognize the importance of thinking ahead.
   3. Go visit DonateLife.NY.gov to register!

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