panda bonanza birthday party

Matilda turned 4! And, since her current favorite thing is pandas, we decided to go all out with a Panda Bonanza Party. She had just a few friends over and, let me tell you, everyone had a blast. We decorated panda masks and party hats. We played panda toss with the giant panda balloons. And, we even went on a bear hunt for hidden panda bags in our yard.

A huge thank you to Northstar Balloons for sending Matilda the panda balloons! I made all the decorations from the panda masks, hats, banners, and bags with my trusty Cricut Explore! And, if you want to make a banner for a backdrop, keep reading!

Supplies: panda figurine (or other animal), white background, camera, 2 yard sticks, paint, and hot glue.

Process: I think I got this idea from my friend Melanie and her post on Julip a few years ago. She created an Birthday Animal Parade by photographing animal figurines and having them printed on engineer paper at her local print shop. It really is as easy as that. Grab a figurine, place it in front of a white background and snap a photo. Next, email the file to your local print shop (I used UPS) and ask for them to print it on engineer paper at 36" wide. This should only cost around $12. While you are waiting for your print, spray paint two yard sticks a color complimentary to your party theme.  Once the print is done, hot glue your yard sticks to the top and bottom. To complete the look add a party hat or any other decoration you want.

Time: As long as you have a large printer in town, this project can be done in less than a day. If not, you could always send away for an large print from companies like Parabo Press. After Matilda's party we hung the print in her room as artwork!

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