halloween felting with hello maypole

I love simple garlands. I love them even more when they are made of felt balls. I was so impressed when I went with a friend to visit Audrey of Hello Maypole hard at work. She has done such an amazing job selling felt balls. She puts together the most delightful color palettes. All you have to do when they come in the mail is string them and hang however you like.

Or, you could take things a step further with a few scraps of felt and a felting needle. For this look, all you need to do is cut out the shape that you want to attach to the ball (witch hat, bat, ghost, etc.) and then poke the felt rapidly with the felting needle until they are firmly attached.

We took it one step further with this idea by creating hair clips and pins for a little extra Halloween flair. Attach each ball to a hairband with a piece of string and a sewing needle, glue one onto the head of hair clip, or use a safety pin to attach one to your favorite sweater or jacket!

Thank you for supporting this partnership with Hello Maypole. Go check them out for all of your felt ball needs!

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