slow storm

We have already had a few big snow storms this year. The kids love every second of it and head outside to play any chance they get! This day, in particular, was filled with so much laughter. It was the Monday before Thanksgiving and school was cancelled.

We snuggled, the four of us, together on the couch under a blanket. I tried not to spill my coffee, Tyler mentioned that he would need to get to shoveling, and the kids bounced with excitement already asking if it was time to play.

In a minute, just let me sit here and think for a moment.

I started to list a dozen or so tasks in my head that needed to get done. Some research to do, a few projects to post, emails to write, emails to respond to, photos to style and take, breakfast to make, lunch and dinner to plan, house to clean.

I lifted my head from the work life fog for a ding on my phone. A bunch of friends were heading to the sledding hill for some fun.

Forget the work. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to take the time, to play with the kids, to enjoy the snow. So we made a plan. I would work hard for a few hours and then, right after lunch, we would hit the hill.

And that is what we did. It was the most beautiful day. Everything was white, the snowflakes were huge, and somehow it didn't feel very cold. It was perfect.

And, I want more of this. More time during this short season. So, for the rest of the month, and maybe a bit into January, I am pulling out a my secret weapon. I have been stockpiling Cloudy Day Interviews from amazing people around the country to share with you.

As much as I want to create fun holiday content, as much as I want to work with sponsors, as much as I want to feel accomplished - I want to slow down more. I want to be trapped in a bit of a SLOW STORM. To hibernate and prepare for the new year ahead.

So get ready to feel rejuvenated with inspiration, to feel less alone, and to make some new friends!

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