four year transplant-iversary

We celebrated Matilda's 4 year transplant-iversary last week. Matilda and I spent the morning snuggling and talking about what this day meant to me, to her, to all of us. It is the first year that she is beginning to understand what happened 4 years ago. She knows that her old liver wasn't working and that she got a new one from her angel baby. But, of course, it will be years before she really understands what that means.

This is what I wrote on Instagram, with tears streaming down my face:
I sent Matilda to school today with confetti in her hair. But she is the one who has been filling my life with confetti for the last 4 years. She moved mountains, she woke me up, and I was ready to say goodbye to her amazing 6 weeks of life. And then we were given a second chance. She was given back to me because of organ donation. And every moment since then has felt like a party. She sprinkles her spirit with smiles, with laughter, with determination, and with all the love. Happy 4 year transplant-anniversary Matilda. I am so glad you are here.
As a gift, I made her a sweatshirt with one of the designs I submitted for the Cents of Style Design the Good contest. I uploaded my design into the Cricut Design Space, before using my Cricut Explore Air 2 to cut out the iron-on material. She got compliments all day, and I felt so proud that something I made became a conversation starter for her very special day.

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