studio diy cloud clutch

My friend of a friend Kelly of Studio DIY sent me her April clutch because it fit so perfectly with my cloudy day theme! Kelly is such an amazing person - she is a cancer survivor, business owner, and new mother!

So, in honor of the cloud clutch, I thought I would share with you why I named my blog Cloudy Day Gray to begin with!

1. The PANTONE color - Cloudy Day Gray has always been a favorite of mine. Even as a kid, one of my favorite crayons was called Cloudy Day.

2. We all have cloudy days. What we do with those cloudy days defines who we are. The 72 day hospital stay with Matilda while she waited, received, and recovered from a liver transplant was certainly a cloudy time, but times like that bring perspective to a sunny life.

3. I have always liked clouds and rainbows. When I studied photography in high school, I did a project about clouds and have boxes full of pictures of clouds. As a child, I would lay in my yard and watch them for hours. And, as an adult, actual cloudy days are my favorite.

4. Finding a name for a new blog that is available on all relative social platforms can be a bit of a challenge. Cloudy Day Gray was free and it had a nice ring!

So, there you have it!

Although Studio DIY gifted the clutch to me, there were no strings attached - the words, opinions, and post are my own.

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