Embrace the Day with Parabo Press

One big lesson I want my children to hold throughout their lives is to embrace the day. Life can be unexpected, predictable, hard, kind, and, most of all, uncertain. When things go well, life should be embraced. When good fortune comes around, joy should be expressed. When sadness falls, it should be felt. And, when rain comes pouring down, puddles should be jumped in. I believe this with every bit of my soul.

This is how we survived Matilda's liver failure. The days were long, but we embraced the experience for what it was and filled her hospital room with pure love.

So when Parabo Press asked if I wanted to partner with them by creating a newsprint poster, I thought of news - good news! A reminder that no matter what the actual headlines are, we need to do our best, we need to embrace life, and we need to spread love.

Here is how you can have this poster, too:

1. Go ahead and download this image (I painted the rainbow and then added digital text on top) or choose something more personal to print yourself.
2. Download the Parabo app, select newsprint, and upload your image of choice!
3. Use the code CLOUD at checkout to get your first newsprint free (a $20 value).
4. Wait at your mailbox for the good news to arrive!

Although I partnered with Parabo Press on this project, all opinions and ideas are my own.

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