traveling with matilda

On August 6th, we brought Matilda home to meet friends and family for the first time. When we left Montana, Matilda was cozy in my belly and the plan was to return for Christmas with a three month old in my arms. But of course, Matilda had other plans. And now, two years have passed.

Matilda is more susceptible to getting sick because she takes medication that lowers her body's ability to fight back against illness. But, it is also very necessary because it prevents Matilda's body from fighting back against her transplanted liver.

Taking Matilda home was so important to us simultaneously, it was a huge step. We want Matilda to be able to live her life like any other almost two year old would, but leading up to our trip I was feeling the anxiety and stress of exposing Matilda to all of those airport germs.

My plan was to keep her in the Ergo pack. As you might imagine, that did not pan out. She was mad and wanted down. She wanted to move. She wanted to explore.

So, I had to let go.

With sanitizer in hand, she went exploring. And even though she ended up with a nasty cold, I kind of think it was worth it. She was so happy marching up and down the walking paths. She was so happy to say hello and wave goodbye. She was so happy to be free.

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