a huge step forward

Last week we were in New York City for Matilda's routine three-month check-up with the transplant team. Although I don't have too many pictures from Matilda's appointment, our time in the hospital was full of celebrations.

Matilda's labs are all back to normal and looking fantastic. So fantastic that she has been cleared to move from three- to six-month appointments! When Matilda was first discharged from the hospital she had appointments two or three times a week and I remember feeling like the weekend was way too long without eyes on my little babe. Back then she was also getting medicine every two hours around the clock, including shots twice a day.

But since Matilda's recovery from her tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy, I feel like our world has shifted. For the first time in all of Matilda's life, I feel like things are normal. The worry is beginning to lift and, although I know that anything can happen at any point, I also know that we are on top of it. We are dedicated to her medical routine, we speak with medical professionals when concerned, and germs no longer feel like the enemy.

We are beginning to take a huge step forward as a post-transplant family. We can focus more on letting Matilda explore her life as a normal and active preschooler. We don't feel the need to tell everyone we meet what her situation is. For the first time, Matilda is just Matilda and that feels incredible.

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