chalkboard installation

We have been making home improvements and it is really satisfying. We never had the motivation to really settle in anywhere before nor could we living in rental properties. And I seriously cannot wait to show you the transformations. First up is the chalkboard installation.

I found this chalkboard (two of them actually) for $10 each at a flea market a year and a half ago. They came from an old school and still had all the screws and brackets in the back so I was never sure how we would be able to install them, not to mention they are extremely heavy.

The solution ended up being simple. We removed all the old hardware from the back, attached a support directly onto the wall for the chalkboard to sit on, painted it to match the wall, and then used the existing holes to secure the chalkboard into the wall.

I honesty couldn't be happier having it hang in the remodeled playroom. Which, I would love to show you - but I'm holding off for just a bit longer.

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