fun at endless park

Although our latest trip to NYC was short, we did have one day to run around and enjoy the city. Tyler stayed home this trip to catch up on work and my mom was lucky enough to join in on the fun. She loved getting a glimpse of what our city life has been like over the past two and a half years and was excited to visit all of our favorite places.

So, of course, our first stop was "Endless Park" - as Parker has renamed Central Park. It was hot and sticky out, but the kids were full of excitement as we searched for their favorite spot to play. If you are ever in NYC with kids, you should check out the little playground on 5th Ave and 67th St. with the granite slide. It is always a quiet little spot, has empty swings, and it is the perfect size for both the kids to run around and play without leaving my line of sight.

On our way across the park, Matilda heard some music and began dancing and pointing with excitement, "Go this way Mom! Go this way!" She was insistent we find the source of the sound and when we did, she jumped out of the stroller and stood right in front of the band for a solid 10 minutes. She was in love and did not want to budge. The promise of a horsey ride was the only bribe that would tear her away.

So off to the carousel we went. Both kids were beyond excited for their turn at such a magical site. Both kids beamed with pure joy as they chose their horses carefully and rode with pride, 'round and 'round and 'round. And both the kids became hysterical when it came to an end. It was really hot out and time for lunch - I should have seen it coming.

By the time we walked back to the RMH, Matilda had fallen asleep and Parker was happy to stop for a hot dog. The tears were gone and all that was left were the magical memories of a perfect day spent at their favorite park.

And as for me, as exhausting and sweaty as I was, I was filled with endless happiness as I watched my sweet Matilda enjoy such a normal day. There was a time, not too long ago, when I never would have let her play in public out of fear of germs overwhelming her weakened immune system. But today is a different day, and our world is beginning to open up to new, beautiful possibilities.

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