migraines and mammograms

Over the last few weeks I haven't been able to write or photograph as much as I like. Doctor appointment and medical issues have swallowed up my time in ways that I am not used to. Taking Matilda to the doctor is something I am accustomed to - it has become a regular part of life and none of us think much about the routine of it. But making the time for myself to visit the doctor seems like such a task.

I have been dealing with a lump in my breast that doesn't want to go away. I have been tossed back and forth, even sent a letter explaining results to a test that was never taken, and the stress has been a little overwhelming. So I wasn't surprised when I started getting migraines everyday that slowed my work and set me even further behind, which caused more stress, which aggravated the never ending headaches. Isn't that life? Isn't that what everyone experiences periodically?

It is hard to not feel like yourself. To not to be the reliable person you normally are. To not have the energy to push forward when necessary. But today, I went and saw my friend Lisa who is a chiropractor and for the first time, in what seems like forever, my headaches are gone and my work seems manageable!

As for that lump in my chest, I have an appointment on Wednesday to see a specialist and will hopefully be sharing good news with all of you sometime next week.

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