tree hunting in ugly christmas sweaters

We love heading out into the forest to find the perfect tree. Sure, I was hoping for snow this year, but the day's sky was the perfect shade of cloudy gray and I was happy to settle for that. I know in March when it's still snowy and bitter cold that I will be nostalgic for such a beautiful day.

But, without it, I felt like we needed to kick up our adventures a bit with some very festive sweaters. Sure, Cricut challenged me to make an ugly sweater as part of their holiday campaign, but once I got started I simply could not stop! One for me, one for Matilda, and one for Parker. We all huddled around the computer picking our design, watching the machine cut, and modeling the finished products the night before the great tree hunt.

That is exactly the kind of excitement I wanted to capture with our family shenanigans. The excitement of the Christmas season. The excitement of spending quality time together. The excitement of walking hand in hand together and needing nothing more.

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