diy mix + match heart gloves

I needed a little something more for Matilda's valentine, so I made these cute mix and match gloves with painted hearts on them. This is perfect for any last minute gift as it literally took me five minutes or less. Here is how you can make your own.

Supplies: 2 sets of mittens to mix and match (any size, any colors - just as long as the are plain), any type of sticker paper (vinyl scraps, printable sticker paper, post it note, or even wax paper if you want to take the time to iron on - just use what you have at home), paint, paintbrush, and scissors.

Process: Fold your sticky paper in half and cut a half heart - just like you learned in elementary school for Valentine's Day.  I have to admit that making the heart took a couple of tries, the first one I made looked more like a deformed circle. It's okay - just try again until you get a shape you like. To get the second heart I held the first scrap on top of the second piece and cut around it.

Once you have two hearts, peel off the backing and stick right onto each mitten - one of each color. Next, dab your paintbrush into the paint, blot off any excess, and then dab repeatedly in an up and down motion until the inside of the heart is covered in paint. Last, remove the paper and let your mittens dry!

Time: 5 minutes or less!


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