old fruit labels and new beginnings

This post has been made possible through a partnership with Framebridge - all opinions are, of course, my very own!

I often love to look back. I don't think that the moments we live in are meant to only be lived once, but instead to be revisited with new perspectives, new ideas, and a new life. Especially in this season of anticipation - anticipating spring weather, anticipating new growth, anticipating new life.

While doing a bit of early spring cleaning, I found a box of fruit labels that Tyler and I had collected in the very beginning of our marriage. We loved to head a ways out of town for a bit of antique shopping despite not having the space or money to actually buy anything. Instead we would wander, imagining what our life would look like years into the future. We would point out furniture and list ideas of making it new again, we would laugh at design mistakes and invent stories of who once owned what.

That time was spent in anticipation of a future that didn't seem to come fast enough. But looking back, that time was beautiful, those memories were beautiful, and the foundation we were creating for our family was beautiful, too.

On one of those trips, we bought a box of old fruit labels. And over the years they have traveled with us through six moves, yet never hung on the wall. Custom frames were always out of reach and the fruit labels never seemed worth the cost.

Until this time - when I found them tucked away and experienced a flood of those early memories as I picked each one up. That newly married couple, dreaming, wishing, and anticipating a beautiful future together. We are here now, in our first home, so with tears in my happy eyes I went searching for an option because it only seemed right to complete the circle and hang them proudly.

Framebridge made that happen in the easiest possible way. I placed my order for two "designer's choice" frames, they sent me a prepaid mailer to send the fruit labels to them, and within days, they emailed me with a few options to choose from. You can pick any frame you want right from the beginning, but I enjoy an expert's opinion from time to time. The frames arrived in the mail surrounded in beautiful packaging with a lovely note inside a fabric bag. Framebridge is reasonably priced, easy to use, and consistently wonderful. I ended up ordering two more frames from them (Instagram photos of the kids) after the fruit labels turned out so wonderful. The Instagram photos were even easier because I just selected which ones I wanted from my feed and - poof - framed photos showed up at my door a week later!

Best of all, Framebridge has so generously offered you guys a 15% off discount toward your first purchase - valid through 5/31/16 if you use the code: KELLYS15. I highly recommend Framebridge and would love each of you to go and check it out right now!

Go find an old memory, give it another chance, another life, and then hang it on the wall as a reminder that everything always deserves a second look.

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