fun with clovers

One of my all time favorite post- St. Patrick's Day traditions is to hit up the grocery store and gather up the discounted clovers. They are such an easy plant to care for and have loads of personality. I love that they close up at night and reach for the sun during the day. I love that they remind me of my mom, who is the proudest Irish person I know. And I love that they can just about die, only to come back to life with a good soaking in water!

They are a personal reminder to slow down during this season. To make sure to get a good amount of rest. To stretch myself while searching for the sun. To call my mother. And to forgive myself for my shortcomings.

This year the kids and I had fun planting them three different ways to spice things up.
  1. In a planter with a face.
  2. In a jar that we decorated with rainbows.
  3. In a hanging planter - this one is my new favorite.

Whatever you plant, be sure to soak up the spring season and enjoy whatever is in front of you.

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