the crossroads of art and science

I feel like I am at a pretty important crossroad in my life. This year I have stepped in as the president of the PTA at the local school, and it has made me realize just how much I miss teaching. Right now I am planning a Literacy Luau, as well as the Science Fair. I have buried myself nose deep in science fair research and have been creating personalized kits for different STEM subjects.

As the president, I am not necessarily supposed to take on certain events, but no one was stepping up to the science plate. Then I became an Instagram Rep for a company called Compass Crate (which means that they send me their product for free and I post about it on Instagram) and felt inspired to tackle the Science Fair with simplified activities so that any elementary-aged student could walk away with a positive and fulfilling experience.

Then, I dreamed up an idea for an Art Camp and spent days hashing out the lesson plans and details to make it happen. How did I forget that I love teaching so much, that the smell of the school makes my heart thump, and that lesson planning is thrilling?!

I had to take time off of teaching to care for Matilda, but next year she will be in school full time and that makes me want to jump back in. It sounds easier than it is. First, I need to get my license figured out for New York, then there is getting a job, AND the fact that Matilda has stayed home sick quite a bit. So, would it actually be possible?

You see, I am at a crossroad. On Thursday, I have an appointment to go over my transcripts and see what classes I need to take to get certified in Art, if my Literacy Intervention endorsement is valid in the state of New York, and to look into my Library Media Science internship that I never completed.

I still love this blog. I love what this blog has given me, but I might be ready to step back into the real world.

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