seven years

Right now Parker loves basketball, Star Wars, and legos. He is a skilled at math and loves to read. He likes it when his hair is smooth and prefers shorts to pants any day.

He pays attention to everything and worries about what is going on in the world. He worries about his sister. He worries about most things because he has a heart of gold.

He made everyone at the doctor's office laugh when he stood on the scales and shouted, "Yes! A new record!" He can tell time and enjoys the freedom of wearing his own watch. He is determined to pass his swimming test this spring.

Seven years ago, I lived in Australia and took home the most amazing souvenir - my Parker boy. He shows me love when I am unsure, reminds me to be on time, and inspires me to learn something new everyday. He didn't just make me a mom, he made me a better person.

Happy Birthday Parker - you are my everything!

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