a visit to a castle

Have you ever been to a castle? I have to admit that my overall impression was "meh". Maybe it was because it was filled to the brim with tourists or maybe just because it is not my style. Now, show me a sweet Frank Lloyd Wright house and I will be impressed. Also, the three hour boat tour was about 2.5 hours too long.

My favorite part was seeing the excitement on Parker's face. He was totally spooked in the basement and was sure a dragon was going to pop out at any second. He loved climbing all the stairs to get to the top of the tower. But I think he loved the grand porch and lush yard the most of all.

My mom loved the adventure of it. Traveling on the St. Lawrence Seaway, a place she had read about as a young girl. Hearing about the rich and the famous. And most of all spending time with with her youngest and favorite grandson.

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