saying goodbye

Parker adores his grandparents. We all had so much fun with them in town and could have kept them forever.

Saying goodbye is always hard. That's the thing with having company, they always leave, and when they do the reality of loneliness hits even harder than before. I don't know if loneliness is the right word, maybe sadness or homesickness.

We have been spoiled. And now that the spoils have run dry, Parker is even more demanding and I am somehow slower than before. There was a half hour of madness yesterday where I could not keep up with his shenanigans and found myself in an endless battle. We are talking about a pouring a bag of almonds on the floor, getting into paint, rubbing his lunch noodles all over everything and squishing them until they turned to mush, and no napping kind of battle. I lost. But I have high hopes for today. We must keep moving forward, right?

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