black friday

There is something to the Black Friday shopping. I think it runs as deep as our foraging instincts. That satisfaction of hunting something down, racing amongst the hungry crowd, and claiming the prize feels good.

But just like hunting, the reality of it is not so pleasant. The cold lines outside in the dark, the sleepless night, the smokers puffing all around in an attempt to stay warm, the heat once inside the store that hits hard. The frantic moments of decision-making just so you can stand in another line that wraps around the inside of the store. And then there was the time when I was racing inside only to turn and see my mom had slipped on the ice and fallen in a slushy gutter.

Black Friday, I turn my nose up to you. I reject your claim to save and I deny the instinct that urges me to go. Today, I am going to sleep in, play in the snow with my kids, and shop online instead of in a line.

(The truth is that Walmart is the only store in our town and I am NOT going there.)

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