first snow

I feel like I have a lot on my plate these days, so let's talk about a few things:

  • I have been participating in an online book club headed by Small Fry. We are reading Deliberate Motherhood by The Power of Moms. It has been so refreshing and really gets me thinking about the choices I make as a mother and the camaraderie/community that parents engage in. 
  • I am really getting pumped for the holiday season. I mean really pumped. My sister is coming for an early Thanksgiving and my parents are coming for Christmas. My papa has not met Matilda, so that will be fun. The tree, the cooking, the holiday party in NYC with the transplant team - it is all just so exciting!
  • We still have not finished unpacking (we moved into this rental the week before Matilda was born) and a pack of opened newborn diapers still sits where I left them in my room the night we took Matilda to the hospital. I either need to buckle down and get things done or stop letting the clutter hinder me. I honsestly don't know which is the right choice.
  • I am taking an online blogging course right now offered by decor8 called Blogging Your Way: Intention and Style. Its focus is on photography, stylization, and of course general best practices for blogging. It is intense, but I feel like if I don't feed my hobby it will never grow.
  • And, we had our first snow. The kids were so excited. We celebrated by drinking hot chocolate while listening to the Polar Express soundtrack. It melted later that day, which was good because I am honestly a little terrified for what the winter will bring.

P.S. I had been planning on making a video for Matilda's transplantiversary. But right now, I am too emotional. I started to make it and it was a mess because I was a mess. And then I realized that the pictures, the memories, and the outcome are not going anywhere. I have time. Matilda is the most beautiful time I have ever been given. And so I chose not to rush it.

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