eyes, mice, and flee market finds

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that last week included an emergency trip the eye doctor. The story goes: Parker got rough with Matilda, she fought back and won. It really was sad because moments before it happened they were smothering me in kisses. Parker cried for a bit, fell asleep in my sister's arms, and when he woke up I noticed that his cornea had a very visible scratch. Not good.

He really was so brave at the eye doctor. We were all very impressed. Thank goodness it was a "superficial" scratch that caused no damage. We left with a prescription for twice daily eye drops and a little boy so proud for being brave.

Speaking of feeling brave, I have had to stretch my comfort zone as our house is infested with mice. I heard them, we set traps, and now my morning routine includes picking up dead mice. Not good. Over the weekend there was one that had its hands caught but was alive and staring me in the face. I was not brave, and quickly called our landlord who came and took care of it. The most frustrating thing of all is that everyone keeps telling us that old houses just have mice, and the mice will keep getting in, so it is just a matter of learning to live with it. But I can't, and I won't, not with Matilda. Suggestions are welcome.

And because I can't leave this post on such a disgusting note, let me brag for a moment. I found not one, but two huge classroom chalkboards at a local flee market for ten bucks each. Needless to say, I bought them both. Very good. Parker told me that he is excited to make new art everyday and then erase it before Papa comes home.

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