hi five wrapping paper

I have one last DIY from Parker's "HI FIVE" party extravaganza! It has been so much fun showing all the details because it feels like all of you were invited to celebrate with us. When it comes to gifts, we always try to keep things as simple as possible. I would rather my children focus on celebrating the year they had and welcoming in a new phase than being engulfed in wants and haves. However, we did treat Parker to a few gifts (Legos) and with some extra special wrapping paper – he was thrilled.

Since we were in NYC just a couple weeks before Parker's birthday, I was brainstorming and dreaming up ideas while on the trip. Lucky for me, Cricut had just come out with an app version of their Design Space, so I was able to work on the design of this wrapping paper while away from home.

And I honestly have to say that I like the app version just a tad bit more than the computer version. It was fun to play around with, and I felt like I had more freedom to experiment.

Once we were home, I simply logged in, turned the machine on, loaded it with a marker, put craft paper on a large mat, and pressed GO.

If you don't have a Cricut, then I have two things to tell you.

#1. You could trace hand cookie cutters onto craft paper just as easily.

#2. You should enter the #CricutEverywhere contest and try to win a machine, $500 in supplies, a 1 year subscription to Design Space, an Apple iPad Mini 2, and a $10,000 dream vacation every week from now until June 19th! Head on over to the #CricutEverywhere Facebook page for the full details.

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