chalk paint for eHow

The kids and I had a really fun 10 minutes of playing with chalk paint in conjunction with an eHow post that I was photographing. You see, I made the huge mistake of taking them to a playground because I wanted more writing surface than our tiny sidewalk.

In truth, they were excited about the paint. They loved mixing the colors, splattering it around, and watching it change as it dried. They just loved the idea of playing at the park a wee bit more. And I was okay with that.

I never want my kids to feel like I am forcing them to do art or enjoy an activity that I have planned for them. Yes, I want them to be polite, but I also want to let them grow and expand in their own way. I enjoy painting, I am in love with the idea of chalk paint, but I don't expect them to be just like me.

The best part about this chalk paint is that you only use a little of the dust at a time mixing only what you will use and saving the rest for another day. I can picture the kids now, painting the driveway at our new home. I can't wait!

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